Sending items for Signatures...

Over the years I've made attempts to sign items from home since not everyone can get out to see me at conventions. Given the fact though that free time at home is extremely rare, it always turns into too much of a time drain. (emails, unpacking, unbagging, signing, re-bagging, re-packing, trips to the post office, etc.)

Since I've been taking orders from my SHOP page on this site for the last few years, I'm willing to try the "SHOP model" for signatures as well. The SHOP model if you're not already aware is... requesting a minimum order of $50 plus postage so that I'm not working to send out one or two prints/items at a time.

My signature at shows continues to be $5 per, and I'll honor that from home as well. So a minimum signature order would be 10 sigs plus $12 Priority Mail postage - $62 total

If you only have a couple of books and want to add a few prints to your order, a combination of signatures ($5ea) and prints ($10ea) is possible. Link over to my SHOP page to view the available prints or other items. Then let me know in your email how you would like to combine comics and prints.

Things to consider...

  • Send as you like, but I prefer to return your items using Priority Mail.
  • If you're sending something other than a comic, like a trade paperback, hardbound, or Omnibus, the postage may be much higher. Be aware of your package weight if over a few pounds, check the online postage calculator, and include appropriate postage if more than $12. You would be shipping to zip 30339 and remember to estimate for Priority Mail.
  • If you're sending a large number of comics and want to add prints to your order, note that I send prints in a flat envelope and while I may be able to add up to six or so regular comics to the envelope,  more comics than that or oversized books may require another package. Resulting in two packages and two shipping charges.
  • If you're a graded books collector, and want me to ship to CGC or other, ask about graded book prices.
  • Remarks?... Probably not because my time is very limited here at home. Ask though. Remarks would add $60 each, same as convention prices.

If you have questions, email. I'll try to update this page from time to time as needed.