Deathstroke #1 Print

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Deathstroke #1 Print


**Minimum product order $50 please, any combination.**

Press quality 11X17 print, UV coat, on 12pt card stock. DEATHSTROKE THE TERMINATOR #1 cover art. First image of Deathstroke on his own titled series at DC Comics. Remastered and recolored. Price includes a Certificate of Authenticity verifying my signature.
All prints will be signed by the artist.
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   I've been displaying and signing art prints for many fans at my convention stops over the past few years. On occasion I've also signed and shipped some prints to fans who don't attend conventions. This site allows me to set up a product page so I'm listing my signed prints here for those who prefer to shop and order directly from me.
   All of the images have been remastered and in most cases recolored with these prints in mind. The prints are "Press Quality", CMYK, 11X17, borderless, UV coated, and on 12pt card stock. Suitable for framing. Ask anyone who has seen them in person about the quality. While this shopping page is primarily dedicated to signed prints, I'll list some signed comics or variant covers when available. And on those rare occasions when I have a piece of original art or a prelim, I may list those here as well.

**In an effort to avoid having to ship one or two prints at a time, I'm asking that each shipped order should total at least $50. That can be any combination of prints or other available product.