More Surplus Convention Sketches and Other Updates

In short…

  • A handful of surplus convention sketches on the SHOP page today.

  • I picked up a very small amount of my G. I. Joe #224 variant and made those available on the SHOP page again while they last.

  • For now, I’ve retired the Punisher Limited Series 5-print portfolio on the SHOP page and replaced it with Punisher Limited Series #1 as a solo print (due to a large amount of people asking for that print alone).

  • I’ve added information on signing books at home under the Information menu.

  • Updated my convention schedule.

  • And probably a few updates I’m forgetting!?

  • A reminder… If you’re interested in the original sketches or other limited items, remember to subscribe to the mailing list in the footer area of this site. The mailing list is notified of site updates first.