Prop Store Memorabilia Auction Includes Zeck Original Art and More...

You may not be aware that among the hundreds of screen memorabilia items available at the Prop Store, Entertainment Memorabilia Auction you can also find a sweet selection of vintage comic art. I mention it here because they have 5 lots of my art...

Detective Comics #600 pinup art

  • Detective Comics #600 Batman Pin-up
  • Iron Man Steel Terror Cover Pencil Art
  • Iron Man Steel Terror Painted Cover
  • Spider-man Super Thriller: Midnight Justice Painting
  • Punisher: Return to Big Nothing Pg 61 (with color blueline) well as examples by a few other artists you may have heard of :-) Steve DitkoJack KirbyCarmine InfantinoJohn ByrneBernie Wrightson, Dave GibbonsHerb TrimpeGil KaneJohn Romita Jr.Joe JuskoFrank ChoFrank ThorneGene ColanMike SekowskyMort LawrenceMike VosburgFrank SpringerTom SuttonJason Palmer, and Gerhard.

The Entertainment Memorabilia Live Auction is just a few weeks away, September 20. If you're interested to browse the art, this link takes you to the original art category listing. If you want to view the entire catalog as a pdf or learn how to register, use this link.