Latest Variant News...

Getting a number of emails asking when the variant will be available on my SHOP page and also some understandable confusion about which Zeck variant will be for sale there.

My Exclusive Variant...

Cover to the exclusive variant, limited to 3,000 copies.

That's the one which is only available from me and at the moment that will be either through my SHOP or at convention appearances. It's a limited edition variant cover and only 3,000 copies are printed.

I expected that I would have it available to order this week but printer and UPS foul-ups have delayed the delivery. Right now I'm expecting to be able to offer them through my SHOP sometime next week. I'll post here and on social media as soon as I do.

The Marvel Incentive Variant...

Cover to the color incentive variant available to qualifying orders.

Marvel has planned that the first five issues of the newly numbered Punisher series will feature art from my Punisher Portfolios which were published in France as one of their incentive variant covers. Stores with qualifying orders will receive those.

For Punisher #1, there is a color version. Stores earn one of those for every 100 issues of the regular version they order. There is also a black and white version. Stores need to order 500 copies of the regular version to earn one of those.

I won't be offering the incentive variants through my SHOP, at least not yet. My current plan is to take my portion of the incentive variants, have them graded, and make those available on Collector Boards, eBay, or...???

Whenever that happens and if anything changes regarding any of the variants, I'll post some information here.


Cover to the B&W incentive variant available to qualifying orders.