Mike Zeck Exclusive Punisher #1 Variant!

Yep,.. Above and beyond the Punisher #1 "incentive variant" (with my cover art) which Marvel will ship to qualifying retailers, I'll have my own exclusive Punisher #1 variant cover limited to 3,000 copies. Here's a look...

Cover art for Mike Zeck Punisher #1 Exclusive Variant. Approximate trade dress and element placement.

Captain America #1 Mike Zeck variant cover.

If you follow this stuff, you might know that Marvel has recently begun to locate images which haven't yet been published or at least not used for covers, then remastering the art and creating variant covers. They've already gone back to one of my plates from a 1983 portfolio, published by Editions Deesse in France, to use as a variant cover for Captain America #1. Editions Deesse also published two Punisher portfolios featuring my art. Marvel will pick from those and create remastered incentive variants for the first 5 issue story arc of the newly renumbered Punisher series.

The above art for my exclusive variant is a piece that I penciled sometime in the 80s and then set it aside. I pulled it out again in the 90s and inked it, and then set it aside again. Until now! I think Punisher #1 exclusive variant is an appropriate place for it to finally see print.

I have another Punisher piece which I'd like to see as a cover, so a Punisher #2 exclusive variant is likely? Punisher #3...??... Haven't decided although I can think of one other unpublished piece that would work??

"How can I get one?"

( 1 ) On August 22, the on-sale date for Punisher #1, or very soon after that, I'll make the variant available on my SHOP page. I'll still have my $50 minimum order request so order a few or order in any combination of books and prints. If you're interested in a large quantity of variants, you're welcome to email me first.

( 2 ) I'll of course have a limited supply with me at conventions. With the timing of the release, it appears that the Cincinnati Comic Expo will be the first stop where I'll be offering signed exclusive variants. Good time for a reminder to check my Convention Schedule page to see if I'm going to be in your area. And if you haven't stopped by my table yet at a Con, check the Convention FAQ page where you'll find answers to most questions.

BTW... If you haven't yet seen the Marvel incentive variant featuring art from Punisher Portfolio One, check it out at left.