From the Personal Collection of Michael J. Zeck

I trimmed away the majority of my reference and art books before my last move but hung on to my one set of comics in which my work has appeared over the years. I’m clearing those shelves this year.

My “personal collection” derives from the comp copies that Marvel, DC, or other publishers supplied to me while I was producing art for them. They’ve been with me since publication and are the only copies that will officially come from my personal collection. In almost every case, there is only one copy available. There are a few instances where I may have a couple of copies of a trade paperback or graphic novel.

I’ve printed a unique COA to accompany each book which certifies that it is from my personal collection as well as certifying my signature on the item.

I’ve bagged and boarded most of the Marvel titles and will continue with DC and others as I find time. I’ve begun to post them to my SHOP page. You’ll find a lot of single items and I’ll create full sets where I can - Captain America and G. I. Joe for example.

Condition: I’ll first point out that I’m not a grader. I’ll then say that you won’t find any bent up or ripped copies in this collection. They’ve mostly stayed on library shelves and may show some shelf wear but in very good shape as a whole. I wouldn’t suggest that it’s a collection of 9.8s though.

Pro tip: There is a row of “categories” near the top of the shop page. “Personal Collection” is a category now. If you visit that page and are interested in seeing what’s available in the Personal Collection only, Prints only, Comics only, or?… click on a category to see only those available items.