I'm not in SoCal very often...

...so mark February 18 and 19 on your calendars. I've been wanting to do one of the Long Beach shows for a while but schedules didn't line up until this year. I'm kicking off the 2017 tour with Long Beach Comic Expo! Two days doesn't seem like a whole lot of time but let's see how much we can cram into it!!

I'll be at my table all weekend outside of a panel appearance later on Saturday. Hope to see all of you there, and when you enter, make a beeline to tables E6/E7. That's somewhere in the middle of artist alley which is kind of in the middle of the convention floor(?).. so.. um.. bring a map!

Long Beach Comic Con is it for February. Once March rolls around I'll be back on the convention trail in ernest. Link over to my Conventions page for the up-to-date list. I've added some more scheduled stops to the listing including the eCreativo Con in Monterrey, Mexico! Never ventured south of the border before, but all that changes in March!

Nos vemos luego!