Great American Comic Con Las Vegas!!

Or as I sometimes like to call it,.. "The Best Convention You Didn't Attend Last Year"!! I know because I was there and I didn't see YOU there.

Last year was the inaugural show, Dec 5-6, produced by folks who actually call Las Vegas home, an extremely well-run and friendly show, and with a comics guest list any show of any size would be envious of. I'm talking about these folks... Mike Zeck, Billy Tucci, Graham Nolan, Howard Chaykin, Joe Rubinstein, Len Wein, Bernie Wrightson, Terry Moore, Tony Harris, James Robinson, Frank Tieri, Tommy Castillo, Tim Bradstreet, Darwyn Cooke and Bob McLeod. I know, I know,.. but too late now!

NOT too late though to rectify your mistake and join in on the fun this December. Many of us guys (me included) are coming back this year because it was such a great experience last year. And a whole bunch more guests are packing their bags and heading to Vegas as a result of the positive word of mouth. And it's even being moved to a larger venue to accommodate the extra guests and larger crowd.

This year's guest list is star-studded again and still growing. I'll just point you to the GACCLV website or the GACCLV Facebook page so you can keep up with special announcements, guest additions, and ticket info. Don't make the same mistake twice!! I'll see you there :)