I'm not in SoCal very often...

...so mark February 18 and 19 on your calendars. I've been wanting to do one of the Long Beach shows for a while but schedules didn't line up until this year. I'm kicking off the 2017 tour with Long Beach Comic Expo! Two days doesn't seem like a whole lot of time but let's see how much we can cram into it!!

I'll be at my table all weekend outside of a panel appearance later on Saturday. Hope to see all of you there, and when you enter, make a beeline to tables E6/E7. That's somewhere in the middle of artist alley which is kind of in the middle of the convention floor(?).. so.. um.. bring a map!

Long Beach Comic Con is it for February. Once March rolls around I'll be back on the convention trail in ernest. Link over to my Conventions page for the up-to-date list. I've added some more scheduled stops to the listing including the eCreativo Con in Monterrey, Mexico! Never ventured south of the border before, but all that changes in March!

Nos vemos luego!

2017 Convention Calendar

Working on my travel schedule for 2017 and starting to add dates on my CONVENTIONS page. While these should all be a "go", a few may be just shy of completely nailed down so I'll reserve the right to modify the list if necessary. If I don't see you in Vegas this weekend, I'll hopefully see you in 2017!

Signed Certificates of Authenticity

A few folks have written asking if the same signed COAs that I offer at conventions are available for the prints or books on my SHOP page. So I went ahead and created that option. On an item's order page, there is now a pop-up menu allowing you to select a COA as a $3 add-on if you wish. Sample below.

Surplus Convention Sketches!

Well,.. three anyway.

On rare occasions I'll return home from a convention with an unsold, unclaimed, or leftover sketch. Never a problem and easy enough to carry it to the next show. Thought I would change things up this weekend though since I have a SHOP page and since not all of you see me at conventions.

I took the three currently unsold sketches (one is a Zeck[pencils] / Beatty[inks] Captain America, BTW) and added some Copic Grey shading. I don't carry the Copic markers to shows but like to add them to sketches at home. They're now available on my SHOP page. While you're over there, check out the prints as well if you haven't yet done so or if you're still gift shopping for that 'comics fan' in your life :-)

Online Store Launched...

The SHOP is live. Predominately there for those who have asked me about prints but aren't able to make it out to conventions. Some other items will be showing up there from time to time. Comics (a limited edition G. I. Joe variant issue with my cover art is currently available), and who knows,.. maybe a sketch or a piece of preliminary art on rare occasions?

The store is set up for payments within the US only at this time. May change? In the meantime, you folks outside of the US can inquire via my contact page if interested.

Read a little more over there on the right sidebar (if you're on your desktop) or just click the new SHOP link in the menu bar.

Convention appearance dedicated page...

Note that I added a page to the INFORMATION section, "CONVENTIONS". That'll give you a direct link to an up-to-date listing of my convention appearances without having to scroll around the NEWS page. Head over there or bookmark it if you want to keep up with my show schedule.

Note too that I'm still working on galleries when I find a few moments. Under MARVEL COMICS, I've changed the CAPTAIN AMERICA and PUNISHER galleries to "grid" style. More convenient I think to choose which thumbnail you want to enlarge. Also added more images to the newer galleries so they once again act as a checklist or index like the galleries on my older site.

New Jersey Comic Expo added!

Heading to the New Jersey Convention and Exposition Center the weekend of Nov 19 and 20. I'll be joining Steve Epting, David Finch, Keith Giffen, Peter David, and a long list of other talented individuals. Check out the website for the entire guest list, new guest announcements, events, ticketing, etc... New Jersey Comic Expo.

That will make six more shows this year, and that'll be enough I think. No solid commitments for 2017 yet but I have my calendar out and I'm marking potential shows. Should have some concrete dates soon. Here's the updated list for the balance of the 2016 year...

Great American Comic Con Las Vegas!!

Or as I sometimes like to call it,.. "The Best Convention You Didn't Attend Last Year"!! I know because I was there and I didn't see YOU there.

Last year was the inaugural show, Dec 5-6, produced by folks who actually call Las Vegas home, an extremely well-run and friendly show, and with a comics guest list any show of any size would be envious of. I'm talking about these folks... Mike Zeck, Billy Tucci, Graham Nolan, Howard Chaykin, Joe Rubinstein, Len Wein, Bernie Wrightson, Terry Moore, Tony Harris, James Robinson, Frank Tieri, Tommy Castillo, Tim Bradstreet, Darwyn Cooke and Bob McLeod. I know, I know,.. but too late now!

NOT too late though to rectify your mistake and join in on the fun this December. Many of us guys (me included) are coming back this year because it was such a great experience last year. And a whole bunch more guests are packing their bags and heading to Vegas as a result of the positive word of mouth. And it's even being moved to a larger venue to accommodate the extra guests and larger crowd.

This year's guest list is star-studded again and still growing. I'll just point you to the GACCLV website or the GACCLV Facebook page so you can keep up with special announcements, guest additions, and ticket info. Don't make the same mistake twice!! I'll see you there :)

Santa Fe Comic Con, Oct 21-23

Some welcome time here at home before hitting the convention trail again. First stop,.. Santa Fe Comic Con, October 21-23, at the Buffalo Thunder Resort and Casino. I'll be seeing Santa Fe for the first time!

John Beatty will be joining me in Santa Fe so don't forget your Captain America, Secret Wars, Punisher, and G. I. Joe issues for both of us to sign. We'll have the usual array of prints, specialty books, and maybe even time for a sketch or two(?). Keep up with new guest announcements, special programming, and ticket availability on their website or on their Facebook page. See you there.

AsiaPOP memories...

Some photos from the AsiaPOP Comic Con. Mostly gathered from the internet though, since I was so busy all weekend and barely had a chance to get up and take any myself. Busy in a good way though. Great show and great fans in Manila!

Come see me at Buffalo Comicon!

I'll be at the Buffalo Niagara Convention Center this coming weekend, Saturday the 17th (10-7) and Sunday the 18th (10-6). Check out the Buffalo Comicon website here or by clicking the image below for their guest list, location, and ticketing information. Hope to see you there!

Here's a reminder of my upcoming shows. Still may add at least one or more to my latter year schedule? Check back here for updates.

See you in San Fran!

Back from Manila in just enough time to repack and head for San Francisco Comic Con (September 2-4). Hope to see you there. Just look for the jet-lagged guy with toothpicks holding his eyes open!

Don't forget to bring your Secret Wars issues because I'll be joined by Jim Shooter, John Beatty and Bob Layton!! Click the image below or here to visit the website for location and full guest information.

Buffalo Comicon added to my September schedule...

Look for me at the Niagara Convention Center, September 17th and 18th along with Steve Rude,  Mike Grell, Graham Nolan, and a bunch of other talented artists and celebs. Click here for the full guest list and other convention information. 

Enjoying some down time leading up to the APCC convention here in the Philippines. A view of the koi ponds,..  part of the Greenbelt Shops across from my hotel here in Makati.