AsiaPOP Comic Convention, Manila, Aug 2016 - Photo credit: Arlan Kortez

Been hitting the convention trail hard for the last couple of years and while I try to keep everyone aware of my appearances via my NEWS page, I figure I'll dedicate a page to an up-to-date list of my upcoming shows. Use it as your "one click source" for tracking my convention stops.

I've noted those shows where I'll be appearing along with one or more of my collaborators so look for a number of "one-stop signing opportunities" throughout this year. Note that East Coast Comic Con features a "Kraven's Last Hunt" reunion. Terrificon has both a "Kraven's Last Hunt" reunion and a "Punisher Limited Series" reunion. Plan ahead and don't forget to bring those issues when you leave the house!!

Check back from time to time for any additions or schedule changes.