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***I'll note my current commission status here first, and that status is still inactive! Lack of time has kept my request list closed for the last couple of years, and that's likely to continue for a while. If that changes, I'll note it here, and post an item to the home page as well.

RECREATIONS... I finally said 'yes' to recreating one of my covers back in 2000, and that prompted quite a few requests. I was able to do about 40+ recreations before having to close my request list. My general rule for recreations is to make each one unique and collectible. Multiple requests for a same cover should have at least some change whether it be costume, character, or other. I had avoided recreations for a good while, but clever collector requests made them enjoyable to do. Hopefully more to come once I'm able to get back to commissions.

SKETCHES... These are mostly from the 2000-2005 area when I still had time to knock out some commissions. You'll find a number of collector requests in this gallery, and those range from simple head shots to cover quality commissions. For a short time I was trying to create a series of sketches that were targeted for eBay auctions, and some of those are represented in this gallery too.

VARIANT SKETCHBOOKS... I had 25 variant copies of my sketchbook printed with an open area on the inside cover where I could place an original sketch. I was able to get to 11 of the limited series of 25 before the wave of licensing work hit here. Those 11 and the accompanying preliminary sketches are in this gallery. The remaining 14 are among the long list of items waiting for my attention, and hopefully I can get back to those before too much time passes?

OTHER... I did a lot of sketching when I was actively attending conventions during the late 70s through the early 90s, but of course have no copies of those sketches. From time to time I see scans or photos of some of those vintage sketches on the web, and I'll try to grab some as I run across them and post some in this gallery. Most would probably be from the 80s time period, with some before and some after that. Most inked by me with markers, but you may see some John Beatty or Bob McLeod inks as well since we did a number of conventions together. I'll reserve this section for any other miscellaneous stuff I may find as well.